Life is indeed too short, too short by far,
Oft likened to a shooting star,
Burning brightly and then gone,
We have not the luxury of getting it right,
That is our plight,
We must learn as we go,
Not because we never know,
When we move on,
But because there is no other way,
No perfect path to take,
We learn by trying,
Stumbling, crying,
We add negativity to the word “mistake”,
We must feel pain when we sometimes fall,
But the only shame lies,
In our not trying at all,
So a life littered with mistakes and missteps,
Is perhaps a life that truly has been blessed.

Living When?

I’ve lived, without knowing I was living,
Been blinded by my need for something more,
Been deprived of gifts moments were giving,
By focusing beyond an unseen door,
Hindsight may indeed be twenty-twenty,
The future must be thought about somehow,
But chances to go astray are plenty,
If we don’t try to really see the now.