McJobs, the road to recovery

I admit I enjoy waking up in the morning and checking the Drudge Report.  It’s kind of like watching a fuel-oil fire: very fascinating and it fills you with dread to think what it’s doing to the environment.  The big headline link on Drudge was about the massive hiring event that McDonald’s is having.  Apparently they are aiming to hire 50,000 new employees this month.  They are also engaged in some serious PR, trying to persuade people that a job at McDonald’s is not a McJob, but can lead to a fruitful career.  I read that a McDonald’s manager can make up to $50,000 dollars a year.  For real?  Shit, that’s more than I make now!  Still, I don’t think my parents would be too proud of me unless I was actually in McDonald’s Corporate, and I’m not about to quit my day job.

I’ve got nothing against McDonald’s, in fact I eat there at least once a week.  Those stupid fries are addictive, and hopefully if I die, they will preserve my body without the need of formaldehyde hahahaha, I kid, I kid.  No, McDonald’s is doing great, they are a profitable company that employs thousands of people, and they are also one of the largest real estate owners in the country.  One could say that McDonald’s is too big to fail.  I applaud McDonald’s for trying to get this economy back on track by offering jobs to people, and for not requiring a government bail-out.  In fact, McDonald’s is helping us all out with their deliciously cheap Dollar Value Menu.

My only concern is if this is the future of job creation in America?