What would have been
If you had been?
Would I have been another?
Chances are small,
I’d exist at all,
Let alone as the young brother,
But if you had lived too,
One thing is true,
I’d have a different name,
My identity,
The stuff that makes me me,
Nothing would be quite the same,
All the clothes that I’d own,
All those rooms alone,
I would have shared them with you,
The things that life throws,
Well only goodness knows,
What we’d have made our way through,
But it isn’t that way,
For on Delivery day,
For reasons that we can’t explain,
You arrived on our shore,
For an hour, no more,
And then suddenly were gone again,
And so we never met,
Not even once, yet,
I think of you often I find,
Coming to grips,
With could be’s, and what if’s
You were brother in more than my mind.