For The Record

A public service message,
To set a few things straight,
To conspirators and doubters,
And haters that gotta hate,
Osama’s dead, shot in the head,
Then buried out at sea,
Barack Hussein Obama,
He was born in Hawaii,
While we’re at it let’s set straight,
Some other twisted views,
12 men do not control the world,
Nor the Vatican, nor Jews,
The lunar landing happened,
And Darwin he was right,
(though the way you nutters think,
puts that in a different light),
There often remain questions,
About how people die,
But a simple lack of answers,
Won’t make conspiracy fly,
We wonder about detail,
When the elite pass on,
Except in the case of Elvis,
Whom we know was on the john,
Reptiles are not aliens,
Though you may think it so,
I’m also pretty sure,
2012 will come and go,
Believers of this stuff,
Leave one question inane,
How is it really possible,
To live with half a brain?