In Response To The Question “10 or 20 years ago did you expect to be where you are now?”

No, not this, that much is true,
Could not foresee what I’ve been through,
How much I’ve lost, how much I’ve learned,
The dreadful cost, the bridges burned,
But nonetheless I stand here now,
Slightly battered but refuse to bow,
Seen things I never would have seen,
Become a man I never would have been,
And despite all odds I have remained,
For I know my past can’t be regained,
I own every choice I ever made,
Though I sometimes wish they’d been replayed;
As with my past and present day,
My future choice will shape the way,
20 years before I’d not seen this,
20 years from now life could be bliss,
Bumps may come, a break, a bruise,
But my future is shaped,
By the way I choose.