…bin laden’s dirt nap

Hoo.  Hah.  Bin Laden is dead.

Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem to lessen the loss, horror and complete nightmare that is 09.11.  It’s not revenge.  There is no retribution.  How could there be retribution for the worst attack against our country?

There are three things that bother me right now:

  1. It took us over 10 years to do it.
  2. A bullshit war that destroyed all credibility in the arena of American foreign policy is still going on.
  3. Haters still gonna hate.

While the American attention span is not much greater than that of the ordinary house-fly, I have a distinct feeling that the blind hatred of Muslims will still be pervasive in our society.  I fear that we will never move beyond our xenophobic ways and still target the innocent.  I will be tremendously embarrassed by chest-thumping and flag waving of my fellow citizens as this is not an achievement.  An achievement would be smiting him in 2001.  An achievement would be getting our enemy without destroying other countries.

While it’s nice to see the evil dispatched to the gates of a non-existent hell, it is also nice to conduct oneself with a bit of humility. This admonishment is addressed directly towards the segment of American society that is now blasting Toby Keith at the top volume of its dated boombox.

Humility, folks.  Humility.  Think about it for a second before you rush to the streets screaming about our greatness.