The Time Is Now

The time is now,
The Walrus said,
Not some abstract
In your head,
“Once Upon A Time”,
“Happily Ever After”,
That shit just
Fills me with laughter,
“Just a fairytale”
Well, that’s another,
Because let me tell you something brother,
Fairytales aren’t harmless,
For they lead you away,
From the truth,
That the only real thing is today.

Second Chance?!?

Step right up! Get your second chance!
Second chances here today,
Another might not come your way,
No way to tell, no way to say,
Some never get a single one,
Count your old self lucky son!
The universe just gave you two,
Hope that you know what to do,
Do whatever it demands,
Grab that chance with both your hands,
Hug it hard, don’t let it go,
It’ll not come by again you know,
Use your hands, your head, your heart,
Give all you’ve got right from the start,
Then if all goes well, these words you heed,
A second chance will be all you need!