Arms makers, arms dealers,
I lay you to blame,
You don’t care who’s killing,
Or in what name,
You don’t care who’s dying,
Who’s crippled, who’s lame,
At the end of the day,
All your gold looks the same,
Call me simplistic,
Argue defense,
Behind all your riches,
The sound is nonsense,
You profit through hatred,
It fuels your greed,
Power or religion,
You nurture the seed,
You’ve no motivation,
For bloodshed to cease,
Because there’s no way you
Can profit through peace,
My limit is reached,
My anger is full,
It’s time to scale back,
The whole world’s arsenal,
Call me naïve,
I don’t really care,
As with nuclear weapons,
It must start somewhere,
Maybe not down to zero,
But as close as can be,
A weapon moritorium,
So that we can see,
If  we can slow down,
This daily death dance,
And if there’s really a way,
To give Peace a chance.