Beige, is not a colour.

From cleanshaven vegan
To bearded carnivore,
Like to mix and fix and tricks it up,
See what life has in store,
A million crayons in the box,
Though they say there’s sixty-four,
Don’t fool me with your silly talks,
I know there’s so much more,
Want to be and free and see it all,
Shake it up down to the core,
Do things I think I haven’t thought,
Too much world to ignore,
Want to sail away on brand new waves,
And never come ashore,
Climb highest hills dive deepest caves,
Open every single door,
People, places, points of views,
Experience galore,
Whatever direction you choose,
Life should not be a bore,
No new chance should you refuse,
Stop meowing and roar!
It’s all just sitting there for you,
What are you waiting for?
Don’t wait, create, go celebrate,
Life’s not meant to be a chore,
And beige,
Is not a colour.