Submerged for years,
I manage to find which way is up,
Then rise again to the surface of our love,
Gasping for your breath and your warmth,
But trying not to make a commotion,
Not to ruffle the waters,
Or splash the feathers of those around,
Which is useless I know,
My re-emergence is obvious,
For they stand on the shore,
All asking “What for?”
Not able to believe,
That I want nothing more than to stand by your side,
They’d be just as glad, to let me slide,
Back in,
They’d not begin to help me out,
But they’ll look to you,
And if you reach your hand to me,
They’ll grab on to you fast,
Until you at last,
Pull me to land,
Then they’ll stand and wait,
And expect me to answer.