WOTD: interesting and/or funny words beginning with the letter C.

One must tread very carefully with this one. There are certain words that start with the letter C that…well, perhaps it’s best to not go there..

Personally, I’m fond of the word cocophany. It’s defined as a harsh discordance or dissonance of sound. Airports are usually cocophanous places. I also like how the word has the word “cough” in it, sort of. The phrase “cocophany of coughs” occured to me during an exam in one of my English lessons the other day. There’s a cold bug going around the school and several students and teachers have been out sick. At the time, the  otherwise quiet classroom sounded like a tuberculosis isolation ward.


These Allergies!

These allergies! These allergies!
All I do is sneeze and sneeze.
And cough and itch and loudly wheeze.
For some relief I’m begging, please!

I’ve seen the doctor and received,
Some medicine and I believed,
That very soon I’d feel relieved.
Alas, I think I’ve been deceived.

These pills don’t seem to do a thing.
My eyes and nose are still running.
I’m still coughing and still sneezing,
Still itching and still wheezing.

They make me feel so drowsy,
That I’m stumbling and clumsy.
But I’m so stoned and woozy
That forget I’m feeling lousy.

So, for some relief I’m begging, please!
From these allergies! These allergies!
All I do is cough and wheeze,
Wait..I feel another sneeze.