Waiting for my SIM

A new phone I’ve got,
Which cost quite a lot,
For no doubt it was not,
Bought on sale.
The chances are slim.
The prospects are grim,
For my SIM being in,
Today’s mail.
Should I call to say,
Is my SIM on its way?
Can you send it today,
Without fail?
They’ll hear my plea,
Maybe feel sympathy,
But alas, it will be,
No avail.
And I’m feeling glum,
For again nothing’s come,
And my SIM travels on,
Speed of snail.

The Teacher’s Lament

This was written during a time when I still took it personally when my students asked me if I minded if they blew off my lesson and left early. Now I’m not bothered as much. After all, I’m only a teacher, not a real human being with feelings.

You have some time today, I see.
Your teacher’s canceled Chemistry.
My class won’t start till three-thirty.
And would it be okay with me,
Since there’s some place you’d rather be,
You ask, I hope, facetiously,
Whether I would mind terribly,
If you skipped my class and left early.
I try not to take it personally,
But it’s very plain for me to see,
You don’t care about the class or me,
But I know you want me to agree,
And so I do, but quite sadly.