Yule Pride

‘Tis the Season of the holiday lights contest.
Of which house’s display is the biggest and best.
As expected as kids writing Santa a letter.
The more overdone and obnoxious the better.
With proportion gone comic, figures animatronic.
Clark Griswold’s display but gone mad, supersonic.
Like turkey deep fried and all things bacon covered,
What could be American than outdoing each other?

For My Students on the Day Before Christmas Vacation

I didn’t have time to write a poem for you.
I just couldn’t come up with anything new.
A Christmas poem sure would have been nice,
About Santa Claus and elves and snow and ice.
But I just can’t think of a rhyme for snow.
These things don’t write themselves, you know.
So I offer my apologies, and wish you good cheer.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!