…holidays in hell

Following Shark’s lead, I present…

“…All the light switches in Europe are upside down.  The electrical plugs are terrifying with nine or a dozen huge, nasty prongs, and you’d better wear rubber boots if you come within a yard of them because house current here is about one hundred thousand volts.  Not that that makes the appliances work. This electric typewriter I’m pounding, for instance – I’d throw it out the window but it’s one of those silly European windows that, when you push it open from the right, comes back around from the left and smacks you in the back of the head.”

page 187

Creativity and Conformity by Clark E. Moustakas

I’m thinking we should start a new series.  Here are the rules:

  • Take a book off your shelves.
  • Post the name of the book and author(s) in the title.
  • Open it up and post an excerpt.
  • Repeat as often as you like.
  • Feel free to take a picture of the cover.

I’ll start.

Experience is true to the person when he is himself alone⎯and not any other person or thing.  Every individual embodies and contains a uniqueness, a reality, that makes him unlike any other person or thing.  To maintain this uniqueness in the face of threats and pressures, in times of shifting patterns and moods, is the ultimate challenge and responsibility of every man.  In true experience, perception is unique and undifferentiated; there is a sense of wholeness, unity, and centeredness.  In such moments, a man is immersed in the world, exploring, spontaneously expressing himself, and finding satisfaction in being rooted to life as a whole person. (p.1)

Oh, and just for Miss Kitten, I’ll post a picture of the cover I did for the book out of an old FedEx envelope somebody sent me.  hahaha