Kitten’s Ride of Terror

I’m a kitten. Don’t know better.
Wanted to escape the weather.
Now I’m alone and stuck up here.
A tiny little ball of fear.
For my life has just begun.
Should be full of joy and fun.
But instead it’s full of strife.
As I hold on for dear life.
Not knowing what’s to come.
Or what happened to my mom.
Holding on and holding tight,
As I scream with all my might.
A tiny noise. May not go far,
Over the engine of the car.
Can you hear me? Cease to drive!
And I might make it out alive.
Oh please! Please come and get me.
Give me lots of love and pet me.
I swear I’ll be a loving friend.
And I’m never doing this again!

Inspired by this news article: Kitten straddles gas tank in 70-km ride of terror