AmericaFTW!: Baconnaise

At first I didn’t think this was even real, but it turns out that it is.  If there is one thing Americans are good at, it’s combining things, like hunting and drinking beer, peanut butter and jelly, or bacon and mayonnaise!  Om nom, nom!  And it’s Kosher too for our Jewish friends and family.  So, my fellow Americans, go out and buy yourself a jar of Baconnaise, your mouth will thank you!

AmericaFTW!: Texas Tater Twisters

My friends, as a newly-minted Americano, I bring to you yet another exciting series: AmericaFTW! AmericaFTW! will feature people, things, food, and stories that are uniquely American. People Europeans Russians Asians Asshats love to make fun of Americans and our culture, but little do they know that we have one of the longest running democracies, and we also rock!
Anyhow, today’s entry is a culinary delight from my YouTube friend Hilah Cooking!