Don’t want to wear a mask

I never wore a mask before.

Don’t want to wear one in the store.

Don’t want to wear one in the hall.

Don’t want to wear a mask at all. 

Don’t want to wear a mask today,

Don’t want to wear a mask, no way.

You cannot make me wear a mask.

It’s really just too much to ask. 

It makes it hard to breathe and talk,

To ride a bike or take a walk. 

Don’t want to wear a mask today.

Don’t want to wear a mask, no way. 


I really cannot tell a lie. 

Don’t want to become sick and die.

I do not want to lie in bed.

A ventilator in my head. 

Nothing to do, nothing to say.

Just breathe in and out all day. 

Don’t want to wear a mask today,

But I will wear one anyway.


There is a little cherry tree,

In the middle of the yard.

It really has one job to do,

But finds it really hard.

Its companion apple tree,

Makes apples every year.

But for some reason,

A single cherry has yet to appear.

Perhaps, a pollen problem,

But I do not think that’s true.

The neighbor has a cherry tree,

And it is fruitless too.

This year, there were no cherries,

Just like the year before.

And I wonder, will it be like this,

Fruitless, forever more?




I’m wearing leather over denim,
Ready for anything that comes my way,
I’m wearing leather over denim,
Ready for anything that comes my way,
I got a mouth full of answers
So be careful with what you say,

Don’t run your tongue too loose,
Don’t screw your face too tight,
Don’t disrespect my brother,
Cuz I’m bound to set you right,
No time for your confusions,
Conspiracies and shite,
Drop all your delusions,
Separating black from white,

I’m wearing leather over denim,
Ready for anything that comes my way,
I’m wearing leather over denim,
Ready for anything that comes my way,
I got a pocket full of answers
So be careful with what you say,

Now listen closely mister,
You should sure heed my advice,
Don’t underestimate my sister,
Cuz she’ll make you pay the price,
No time for your mansplaining,
Unsolicited advice,
For far less than you are making,
She can do your job twice,
Yeah I’m wearing leather over denim,
And I don’t have to play nice,

Sometimes you have to speak up,
Sometimes you have to set the record straight,
Sometimes you have to wonder,
Just why all of those haters gotta hate,
(and instigate)

Don’t reinvent the wheel,
But choose how it should roll,
Question what you feel,
Don’t be a goddamned troll,
You always have a choice,
Though you think you’ve lost control,
Let others find their voice
Give back what we stole
I’m wearing leather over denim and I’ll fight to make things whole,

I’m wearing leather over denim,
Ready for anything that comes my way,
I’m wearing leather over denim,
Ready for anything that comes my way,
I got a fist full of answers
So be careful with what you say,
I’m wearing leather over denim,
So be careful with what you say!


Good cop, bad cop,
Bad cop, good cop,
Three cops charged,
With aiding and abetting,
If you were one,
Would you have been letting,
George Floyd stop breathing,
Suffer and die?
Would you be intervening?
Where do allegiances lie?
There are good cops and bad cops,
We know this is true,
But when push comes to shove,
Well just which one are you?


One really should eschew it,
Do your utmost not to chew it,
But it eases my anxiety sublimely,
It’s a bit disgusting sure,
Plus, after a paid manicure,
It certainly is anything but timely,
Now there’s an extra disgrace,
That one is not to touch one’s face,
It considered gauche, almost a crime, see,
Nonetheless, it never fails,
That I’ll be chewing on my nails,
Because I find it calms me down divinely,
(Though I’ve found the habit shrinking,
With my double-fisted drinking,
A self-medication I can practice blindly!)

My Own Manner

Staying calm
On the inside,
Slight retreating
See my needing
To kinda hide,
My soul needs feeding
The proverbial kneeling
Stop the social bleeding
Overwhelmed with feeling
Gonna keep on healing
In my own manner
By my bedside.

COVID-19 Quarantine: Bored Cat Edition

>~.~< A photo essay >~.~<

For some reason that escapes me, my humans are home all the time now. I come and go as I please, as usual, but they remain inside. It is unnerving. They spend an inordinate amount of time staring into their large screens while moving their fingers across the keyboard massage devices. They seem to have lost their will to live. When I attempt to comfort them by occupying the spaces in front of them, they shoo me away saying something about “needing to work.”

They do occasionally show their appreciation for my efforts by laying open a large papery object. They only only pretend to be interested in it. I know the real purpose of it is to serve as a temporary bed.

The female insists on following me into the water room, which perturbs me greatly. I would never dream of accompanying the humans when they occupy the room. Well, maybe once or twice. A day. And only when the door to the room is shut, since this signals their need for companionship. As I stare into the window to the water floor, I see only myself. The human points her screen at me and records this moment. She is amused. I am not.
image (2)

When I attempt to signal my desire for the closet to be opened, my human ignores my request. She is either stupid or just plain cruel.
image (1)

From the vantage point of the dining room table I am able to observe the magpies and crows pecking small insects from the garden. Their exuberance annoys me. I will console myself by destroying the floral arrangement on the table.

Alas, the flowers are not real. There is no meaning in this world.

The human continues to mock me with her screen. I manage to successfully communicate my annoyance. Thankfully, my humans do understand ear language. I can no longer remain in this house of lies.

I signal my desire for the door to be opened, and the human does so. I hesitate in the doorway for the customary five seconds before proceeding. Now I shall seek out foreign invaders and run them off the property. My humans appreciate my efforts in this capacity, often calling me a “good kitty.”

This pleases me. I am a good kitty.

>~.~< The End >~.~<

Social Distancing

We’ve all been practicing,
This social distancing thing,
For many a year now.
They said we’d forgotten how,
To be social face to face,
It was a tragedy, and disgrace.
Little did we know how,
Much in handy now,
Our anti-social tendencies are,
Be my friend, but from afar.
I’m not just a curmudgeon,
I’m saving both of us from contagion.

Climatic Insomnia

Where I come from the seasons,
Are reckoned by the calendar.
Beginning and ending,
On the solstices and the equinoxes.
In a place with little climatic variation,
This is necessary.
Things are a little different in Sweden.
Seasons are determined not by the calendar,
But by the climate.
Even after the winter solstice,
It’s not considered winter,
Until the temperature is at a certain degree or less,
For a certain length of time.
It more or less follows the tilting of the earth,
The passing of the solstices and equinoxes.
But not always.
We were just informed,
By the national weather service,
That it is now spring.
They never announced winter.
You always feel kind of cheated,
When the year skips a season.
Especially summertime.
But when you skip winter,
It leaves you feeling uneasy.
As if you’ve forgotten something.
That nagging feeling,
That something is not quite right.
And you didn’t get any sleep.
Because Mother Nature didn’t get any sleep.