TRUMP – The Trilogy

There once was a man name of Trump,
Skin painted orange with a pump,
He fed off people’s fears,
And there ‘twixt his ears,
Was really no more than a lump.


There once was a man with the tiniest hands,
He quite hated people that came from foreign lands,
He said he’d build a wall, and he’d issue commands,
All the dumb things he said were deflected,
He had so much hate he couldn’t control it,
If you showed him a tweet, well he’d try to troll it,
He sure wasn’t bright, in fact quite a slow wit,
And his mouth and his brain weren’t connected!


Trump is a man who is clearly insane,
It seems he has breasts on his small tiny brain,
He dreams of taking each small tiny hand,
And meeting a woman with great tracts of land,
And titty titty titty titty titty.

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