​Dear Donald:

There is a graceful way out. 

You simply address the Anerican public, and tell them that after running the campaign thus far, you realize this is not the job for you.

You love your country, and hoped to serve it, but this is not your strength.

You resign now, to allow someone else time to step in. People will accept that, and appreciate it, because it’s the responsible and adult thing to do. People will thank you. 
You can then go back to your forté and make a reality show about running for President with all the footage you have. It is most likely already underway. 
Trust me on this one, big small-hand guy. Step back now, you will be a hero, be loved, and your merchandise will be worth a fortune. 

You’ve made a difference, and given us lots to think about in regard to the voting system. 

Now step back. Most of the free world will thank you.

Ken Donner

Step Back Campaign

3 thoughts on “STEP BACK DONALD

  1. There are rumors, whisperings really, that he’s going to quit. That he’s in way over his head. Top republican brass and his own advisers and children are putting the pressure on him to step down. Five minutes after his first security briefing, he blurted out classified information. Anyway, one can only hope, but I’m not getting my hopes up. He’s neither graceful, nor responsible, nor adult enough to see the wisdom in stepping down.

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