As I Hear Her Breath

(I write this now.
In real time,
As the night falls,
And I sit on the couch,
In the darkness,
And she sleeps to the sound of the falling rain…….)

Her breathe heard through rainfall
Whilst I sit in darkness
Back to the wall
Pondering my existence
My story
The glory
Of how we fit together
Despite or because of
The weather
Of our lives
How we’ve both strived
Surviving different days
With the same theme
Authored in different ways
When late at night we sit
Each wondering where we fit
Wondering is it them or is it us
And just why do we fuss
With all these recollections
All these reflections
On who we are
Who we used to be
How to understand
How to break free
Is it the key
To the darkness
When I feel it all
As I hear her breath
At night
Through the rainfall.

Words, words, glorious words! Give me all of your words!

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