Desperate Measures

In the end they decided,
There was no way to fight it.
And we all accepted the change.
The only way to protect them,
Was to bullet proof and escort them,
From the school buses to the classrooms.
To the list of supplies,
Mom and dad had to buy,
They added Kevlar helmets and vests.
If they couldn’t afford it,
Or chose to ignore it,
Their kids’ safety was not guaranteed.
For even though there were plexiglass,
Windows in every class,
It just couldn’t stop every round.
Why just the other day,
A boy was hit by a stray,
High-calibre round that got through.
Though thank god, he survived.
‘Cause his vest saved his life.
And he’ll be at school the next day.
But last month, unfortunately.
A little girl was not so lucky,
For she took off her helmet,
To scratch her head.
A bullet came through the window,
And now she’s dead.

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