Problem Areas

It’s summertime, ladies.
When the living is uneasy,
For those of us with,
Problem Areas.
Those imperfect parts of us,
Endlessly discussed,
How they offend and they disgust,
And should be always hidden.
Away from view, forbidden.
Cover up your Problem Areas,
For they only want to see,
Bodies flawless and magnificent,
Smoothly plastic, prepubescent.
Wear a minimizer, for the girls.
(That’s a bra that shrinks your assets)
For nobody wants to see them,
Particularly, the men.
Who, as we know, cannot stand,
To look at women’s breasts.
So before someone arrests you,
Cover up those Problem Areas.
Contain yourself in lots of shape wear.
Suck everything in everywhere.
And never ever remind anyone,
That you’re an actual woman.

4 thoughts on “Problem Areas

    • Of course men feel pressure from society to be fit and tan all the time too, but they are nevertheless allowed to be slobs. Women absolutely aren’t. Women must be perfectly fit, always, otherwise we’re suppose to hide ourselves away. Our cellulite and stretch marks might frighten people.

        • Oh, hell, yeah!

          Still it’s hard not to buy into the culture of low self-esteem and body shaming that is manufactured and sold to women. It’s consistently and deliberately designed make us feel bad about our bodies and willing to pay any amount of of money for any product that says it will make us look younger, thinner, or more beautiful.

          But the thing is that most of the men I’ve known really aren’t that bothered if you have a few extra pounds or some cellulite. That’s what real women are supposed to look like.

          Like you said,
          Strut, instead!

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