(I got an early Christmas surprise recently, a heartattack on Dec.18th. This piece is a reflection on that. I wrote it in Swedish first, then reworked it in English, so am including both versions here.)


My body stopped for a moment,
A hiccup it was,
A temporary pause,
Cause for concern,
My heart took a wrong turn,
Condition far from sound,
But it was my soul I found,
That ran and hid in the shadow,
Because it didn’t know,
What mattered anymore,
Shaken to the core,
As if all that is me,
Character, personality,
Stumbled behind,
Unable to find,
It’s footing anew,
After what it’d gone through,
But eventually, I begin to see,
My soul edging towards its recovery,
But slowly,
Ever so slowly.


Kroppen stannade en stund,
En hicka,
Tillfälligt spricka,
Tillståndet långt från sund,
Men själen blev skrämmde,
Bestämde gömma sig i en skugga,
Osäkert om vad gällde nu,
Visst inte om det dugga,
Som att vem jag är,
Det hela mig,
Snubblade bakom,
Men äntligen det återhämta sig,
Dock så småningom.


  1. Puss och kram.

    How easy it is to forget that the heart is more than a muscle. Stupid heart. Stupid feelings. Stupid, necessary things that spring up and make us deal with reality no matter how much we want to avoid dealing with it.

    I hope your journey to Wellville is smooth – like a nice walk through the woods or stroll through a park. And should it become anything other than, please grab my hand and we shall walk together. I have neither a map nor sense of direction but I come bearing good intent and the ever present desire to engage in mischief.

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