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Ha ha!  Fuck you!

Ha ha! Fuck you!

Behold…the end of the calendar and fiscal year.  All reports (time and expense) must be filed by close of business today to make the finance trolls less stabby.  Surely you did not expect things to function properly?  Why would the most erratic VPN on Earth be anything but?  And why, why would you operate under the silly assumption that your piece of shit Lenovo StinkPad not crash 40 times whilst reworking a file the size of…I dunno…something really large?  At this point, I’m really at a loss for words.  And hope.  That’s lost, as well.  And sanity.  Let’s review what is lost:  hope, words, sanity.  Yup.

Please, please keep crashing, StinkPad.  Please inhibit any progress I may attempt to make today.  Please make doing rework more exhilarating.  I would love nothing more than to be sitting in the exact same position, performing the exact same exercise in futility at 10 pm. Really.  I would.  Don’t believe otherwise for this is the stuff I live for.  This is the stuff of dreams.

Words, words, glorious words! Give me all of your words!

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