Day Of The Dead

Allhelgons dag,
Day of the dead,
Thinking of things
I wish I’d said,
When You were here,
Before you passed away,
November first,
The days are dark,
Trees stand naked,
In graveyard and park,
Light a candle to your memory,
In the grey,
It was long ago,
When you left,
Still I feel sad and bereft,
As I visit with your soul,
Upon this day,
But seasons change,
Life goes on,
Much has happened,
Since you’ve gone,
I stand here with thoughts,
I’d like to say,
So I send them to you,
Lying there,
As I stand here,
In silent prayer,
Knowing in time,
I’ll also head your way,
Though not until,
I live my life through,
But I will die,
And when I do,
A candle and a visit,
Would not go astray.

Words, words, glorious words! Give me all of your words!

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