Message from the Facebook Masters

(I recently tried to leave FB, and lasted a whole week. This is my imaginary response from the FB Masters, to the tune of Barenaked Ladies “One Week”)

“It’s been one week since you looked at me,
Deactivated yourself cuz you were angry,
Writing letters like a drama queen,
Thought  your luddite ways better than FB,
In five days you were abstinent,
Friends all saying “I posted, hey did you see?”
It’s okay, we’ve seen it all before,
We know we’ve got you by the short-and-curlies,
Two more days and you were back again,
You lasted one week, brave attempt, don’t be surly,
We’ll work you back into our marketing,
But don’t worry we don’t expect you to be sorry……”

2 thoughts on “Message from the Facebook Masters

  1. I remember writing my first one in grade 8, in Geography class, which I got in trouble for:
    “God shave our gracious Queen, God shave her nice and clean, God shave the Queen,
    God shave her everywhere, shave off her pubic hair, leave her all nice and bare,
    God shave the Queen.”
    Probably says something about my state of mind when I was 13. 😉

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