Okay, okay,
I know that this may sound obscure,
But something nudged me,
Of that I’m sure,
I can’t see it,
But I know it’s there,
Unwritten signs are everywhere,
There’s something I’m dying to say,
But an unseen wall is in the way,
Try to make the words come out my mouth,
But they hit the wall and head straight south,
Important thoughts I thought I’d thunk,
Get sucked up by the unseen trunk,
Unseen, but somehow really there,
Inhibiting things we need to share,
Important things to talk about,
Somehow that elephant locks out,
It’s as if the great beast feeds,
On our important wants and needs,
Insatiable, and in the way,
Of things we really have to say,
Elephants are fine and good,
But I think that this kind really should,
Wander off and go somewhere,
So that we can clear the air,
It should go, ethics behoove it,
Thing is, it takes the group to move it,
Cuz the group is damned,
Will meet its doom,
If an elephant’s stuck in the room.

Words, words, glorious words! Give me all of your words!

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