Always naked

Being naked?
I must confess,
Don’t really care,
It’s only flesh,
Stripping off,
Ho hum, ho ho,
That’s between
You and your ego,
But being who
You really are
That’s a bigger task
By far,
Being as clear
As you are able,
Discarding fear,
All cards on the table,
Your humanness
Out on display
Showing that we’re one,
At the end of day,
In fact I believe
We have a duty
To open up,
Let others see,
That our worries, fears,
Are not unique,
So many things,
Of which we don’t speak,
Are common,
Although never stated,
It’s my duty,
To be always naked.

They Think They’re Naked

They’re out there
Lurking in the light
So unaware
Of their true plight
They post bad taste
Removed from feeling
Then watch
As the “likes” hit the ceiling
For we’re jaded
Can’t tell dirt from earth,
Our “likes” have
Absolutely no worth,
But we hit the button anyway,
So stressed out,
It feels like play,
Like it’s relaxation,
Although not really,
Then the realization,
That actually,
We’re apathetic,
Just one big bore,
But the oblivious
Just keep coming back for more.

Words, words, glorious words! Give me all of your words!

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