Here they are,
For some perhaps the bottom,
For others not that far,
But for not a single one of them is it a dream come true,
Instead we’re the place they’ve surfaced,
When those dreams have fallen through,
Sometimes indeed through choices,
They should have made instead,
Or perhaps through voices,
No choice put into their head,
They’ve mostly battled hard in a world
They feel is out to beat them,
The only difference we can make,
Is how we accept and meet them,
Not with “I know what’s best for you,
Listen close to what I say,
I guarantee you’ll make it through,
If you’ll do things my way”
But rather with a caring eye,
A direct human connection,
Working to draw forth the “I”,
And establish self-reflection,
Sure with boundaries and guidance
Some behaviour to deflect,
But most of all with kindness,
And a huge dose of respect,
To build up precious dignity,
And a feeling of self-worth,
So they feel treasured and valued,
Perhaps more so than since their birth,
Empowering them, so they can grow,
And perchance a new life start,
But to mostly stand beside and show,
We share a human heart.

Words, words, glorious words! Give me all of your words!

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