(On the occasion of my good friend Marnie’s impending shoulder operation)

We shoulder the load just like Atlas,
Though maybe that’s not really us,
We mostly shoulder like Sisyphus,
But a bigger point to come to grips,
Without shoulders where’d we put our chips?
They carry the weight we have to try on,
And are handy for others to have a cry on,
They’re a vital part of any hug,
And without them well, what would we shrug?
Sometimes our shoulders rub another shoulder,
And when we’re pissed we make them colder,
When life’s tough we put them to the wheel,
Which is how I know you’ll completely heal,
Cuz though the operation scares you crapless,
Without your shoulders you’d go strapless,
And I know just as well as you,
That that would never ever do!

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