faces 2
(picture by Loïc Viatte)

Where do we find ourselves
When we look
When we really look
Thinking our humanness
Has spilled out around
Personifications abound
Because a new way of seeing
Shows not that our being
Has morphed into
Objects and machinery
Our ego infiltrating
Industrial scenery
No instead we see traces
Of our own faces
Everywhere to remind us
That you can find us
Intricately woven
In ever part of this sphere
Because what we do here
Is not separate, interjected
But instead is connected
In discreet symmetry
To show that we
Are not overlords or seers
But part of the gears
Of the pulse and the flow
The planetary glow
Is not provided by us
But we’re of it.

Words, words, glorious words! Give me all of your words!

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