The Theory Of Emotional Investment

  • In the coure of human relations all contact is based on some degree of emotional investment. That may range from almost zero, although it’s never actually zero, up to the maximum emotional investment, i.e. heart and soul. My investment with strangers on the street or on public transit is pretty low, but not zero, since I still maintain some sense of empathy and generally wish folks well.When a relationship begins the degree of emotional investment is a process wherein each party makes a series of investments, slowly escalating upwards. In the end, the final tabulation if you will, the question is whether these investments are relatively equal or not. Unfortunately it is only in hindsight that I realized your investment was greater than mine. If I had seen that in time I could have adjusted sooner, sending you signs of the changing market, and perhaps allowing you to limit your investment, instead of waiting for the inevitable emotional market crash. For the first time in my life I was only investing short term, and for one of the few times in your life you were investing long term. Who knew? Perhaps in the future quarterly reports would be appropriate, assessing performance and predicting activity in the upcoming quarter.

    Should I re-enter the market at some future date I may have to consider this kind of clarity.

4 thoughts on “The Theory Of Emotional Investment

  1. This was great. Really great. Our emotional investments certainly need and deserve as much engagement and maintenance as our financial investments

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