Removing Me

Down on my knees,
I scrape and scrub,
Tiled corners,
The bathroom tub,
Pull out the stove,
Clean behind the radiator,
Every speck of dirt,
Every single hair,
Every sign that I,
Ever have lived there,
It was my home,
Filled with my presence,
Now I remove,
Every last essence,
Of my existence,
Completely clean,
So even the best CSI team,
Could run their tests,
With scientific care,
And never prove,
That I’ve lived there.

2 thoughts on “Removing Me

  1. The next tenets will appreciate it, I can tell you. So far, I’ve moved into two apartments in Sweden that were not as clean as they should have been. The one that you visited was left in a terrible state. I went to check it out a few days before we moved in, and the kitchen was not clean at all. A film of greasy dust covered every surface, the fan was not cleaned, and there were greasy fingerprints all over the cabinet doors.There were also ball point pen and pencil marks all over the walls in the bedrooms. It was appalling. I had the building superintendent send someone over to clean the kitchen up before we moved in.

    Our current one was better, but certain things that should have been cleaned, e.g.: the inside of the oven, were not cleaned. When I move out of an apartment, I scrub it to an immaculate shine. Not everyone is as thorough as we are.

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