tunickinstallationphotography10Nudity, oh nudity,
Shunned due to practicality,
But I can’t help wonder if we,
Could gain by losing our false modesty,
If then, and only then, we’d see,
A oneness and a unity,
Of course we’d see a little more, 😉
But more than that we’d see the core,
Of what we are,
Were meant to be,
A vision of humanity,
Naturally and beautifully,
Alive in our diversity,
Not afraid of our own nudity.

3 thoughts on “NUDITY

  1. The wearing of clothing undoubtedly arose out of the need to survive in harsh Ice Age conditions, although there still primitive tribes of people who wear very little clothing, apart from covering up their genitals, which are exposed and vulnerable due to the fact that we stand upright. Though, at some point, it occurred to us that exposing our bodies was shameful, and I’m not sure why. Surely it happened way before the advent of body shaming Christianity.

    • I also assume it was a response to the elements, and religion turned nudity into something to be ashamed of. I’m not advocating no clothes ever, I like clothes too. We should lighten up on the nudity front though. There is something really beautiful in Spencer Tunick’s pictures. Naked people of all genders, shapes, sizes, colours, just being who they are, open and unashamed. I also think it should not ever be a crime to be nude. That’s just ridiculous.

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