A Treatise On The Art Of Wooing

When one is entering the courtship dance,
Make  every effort to increase your chance,
By trying to reveal the inner you,
(Which is what one does when trying to woo),
Don’t bother shopping to try and impress,
Kind gestures and words get more bang for less,
Gifts should be simple, few and far between,
Chosen or made to show just what you mean,
For the truth is you won’t get very far,
If you can’t cleverly show who you are!

Wooing should not be a strain,
Close your wallet, just use your brain,
For some intrique, some fun,  and some laughter,
Will more likely get you what you’re after.

There was a young woman named Kimberly,
Hoped  a certain man would woo her you see,
She wanted him to be charming,
Clever and disarming,
And not crass like the other fish in the sea.

Words, words, glorious words! Give me all of your words!

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