Replacement Heart

For your own heart,
Was fragile.
Too fragile from the start.
You needed a replacement,
So you got a brand new heart.
One just like you,
Both young and strong,
Full of music, joy, and art.
But then this strong,
Replacement part.
It became weak,
And fell apart.
And now there’s no,
For your replacement heart.

Dedicated to my friend and former colleague Jonas Sjödin, who passed away last night from a cardiac arrest. He was 33 years old.

3 thoughts on “Replacement Heart

    • Thanks, Ken. Jonas had some kind of degenerative disease, possibly MD. In the time I knew him, he went from being able to walk to having to push himself around in a wheelchair, to eventually having to use an electric wheelchair. When he was younger his heart was so weakened by the disease, he needed a heart transplant.

      Then the transplanted heart was weakened by the disease, along with the rest of him. People with that kind of condition rarely live past the age of 30, so he was living on borrowed time. He loved every single second of his life, though. Despite all his physical limitations, he was always happy and positive and never bitter.

      He really was one of the most genuinely good people I’ve ever met, with such a beautiful, uncorrupted, pure soul. It’s almost enough to give me religion. He was too good a human being to live on earth for very long. God needed him in Heaven.

  1. There truly is no rhyme or reason. I had a co-worker in Toronto who had had a heart transplant, mind you she was older, in her 50’s then I believe. One day she came to work with a large brown bag. I thought she had bought chinese food for everyone, that’s what it looked like. It turned out to be the bundle of meds she had to take constantly.
    Again with the border-line religious talk 😉 , count your blessings that you were privileged enough to know him. 😀

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