Bundled Up Post

No one thought about
Me very much.
They passed me by
Without a touch.
And if they looked
They saw the sign
That I hold up.
That job is mine.
It tells you stuff
You need to know.
This path isn’t gritted
When there’s snow.
But I’m just a post.
It is my station.
I don’t have the
Important information.
But one day someone
Saw my sign above.
And decided that
What I need is love.
So they knitted
A special scarf for me.
Which fits all
Around me quite snugly.
And now it’s me
They notice most.
Not the dirty sign
But the bundled up post.

2 thoughts on “Bundled Up Post

    • Agreed. It caused me to have an emotional moment with a wholly utilitarian object that I never would have noticed otherwise. But someone cared about it enough to physically interact with it.

      It really does change the way we think and feel about the things that surround us.

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