Mean Technology

Though young,
I’ll give that to you,
I experienced World War Two,
Then the 50’s,
Rock n’roll broke through,
The 60’s,
Well, really, who knew?
The seventies,
When things got real,
The 80’s,
Money the big deal,
The 90’s,
Began to pick up speed,
After 2000,
Well all you really need,
Is to plug in some technology,
Everything’s easier,
You’ll see,
That is unless of course you’re me,
Or friends of mine,
For it seems that we,
Are now cast aside,
Just “used to be”,
No thought,
No care,
Not even a thanks,
And now it seems,
Even our own banks,
Despite the fact,
That they are founded,
On capital OUR  hard work grounded,
Will e’en give us the time of day,
For now, head down,
They seem to say,
That the bottom line is what they mind,
Efficiency’s left us behind,
So when we manage,
Despite our age,
To show up at the teller’s cage,
We meet an unexpected clash,
When we’re told that they don’t deal in cash,
Don’t be surprised when we are pissed,
At the fact society has missed,
The chance to do what we’d expect,
And temper progress with respect,
Instead of bowling forward,
On a selfish ride,
And casting those that lag a bit behind,

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