Seems my body cannot
Always do what it pleases
One part starts to pee
While another part sneezes
The bottom part’s flowing
When the top part achoos
Which makes the flow stop
I’ve no way to choose
Then the sneezing pauses
And the peeing resumes
Till I’m sneezing again
And the cycle consumes
Every muscle I have
In pure wrenching stress
And furthermore
Leaves my bathroom a mess!

3 thoughts on “BODY WARS

  1. Nope, one cannot pee and sneeze at the same time. It’s happened to me too. Also, I don’t know if you ever heard the one about how your eyes will pop out if you sneeze with them open. That’s a myth. They actually tested that on Mythbusters by making themselves sneeze and physically holding their eyes open. They put their bodies on the line, but they were pretty sure that this eye-popping out while sneezing myth was bullshit. And it was.

  2. Haha, good to know, but I’ll probably keep closing my eyes. The other thing I do involuntarily when I sneeze is stamp my right foot. No idea why.

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