My Name is Not Gven

Living, as I do, in Sweden.
I’ve often heard and often seen,
That Swedes don’t care,
Or aren’t aware,
That V and W are different.
Whilst seeking out a library book,
After a long and thorough look,
One may find that one,
Can locate none,
Of Wordsworth, Wells, or Whitman.
Try going back one letter, please.
They’re probably within the Vs,
Right next to Verne,
Since Swedes don’t discern,
There are two different consonants.

3 thoughts on “My Name is Not Gven

  1. Haha, precisely. Last week I was interviewed by consultants here that are doing some review of the Individ och Familjeomsorg part of mykommun. My boss told me I would be interviewed by two guys from “PVC”. It wasn’t until I met them and they introduced themselves that I realized she meant Price Waterhouse Cooper.

    • I wonder what kind of interview you thought you going to get, haha.

      So did the guys from “PVC” arrive in a “BMV”? 😉

      • Haha, nah, I was surprised at how down to earth they were actually. Or rather, slightly disturbed. Clearly PWC hires locally. The guys were very friendly, and had experience working in social services, so it was very difficult to ascertain that they were actually there to see where they could cut, slash, and burn. Bastards.

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