To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

Sleep, where is thy sweet caress?
You tease me,
Though I must confess,
Of late you leave me wanting,
Merely taunting me,
Not wishing me well,
Instead reducing me,
To a reckless shell,
Did I offend somehow?
Let’s mend it now,
I do apologize,
Now I beg of thee,
Anoint mine eyes,
Stroke my cheek,
Remove my sorrow,
To sleep!
And let us not speak of this,
Upon the ‘morrow,
(Though I say forsooth,
In truth, that will not play,
For the ‘morrow
Is in fact today…)

2 thoughts on “To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

    • Yeah, I had two nights in a row of it, and I usually don’t suffer from it at all. I had some 7.5 mg Imovane though, that I got after that recent incident at work, so I took one of those. Crikey, knocked me out for close to 12 hours without a blink. Slept like a rock. I don’t want to be taking it all the time though.

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