Kick Me Again And I’ll Come Up Grinning

A body blow,
A psyche slam,
I know I should have let it go,
But Hope’s a stubborn thing you know,
And so here I am,
A crippled wreck,
My emotions at your beck
And call, and all I ever get,
Is kicked again, and then again,
And then, just when I think it’s better,
Hope peeks out,
Till I get your letter,
Like a bitter cold and icy wind,
And Hope rescinds,
My house of cards blown well apart,
Knives twisted in my naïve heart,
Though my face won’t show,
Still I know,
This will repeat itself,
My Hope won’t stay up on the shelf,
It’ll peek again, try to be brave,
Till one day you dance upon my grave.

Words, words, glorious words! Give me all of your words!

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