My Dickensian Christmas

Christmas Eve 2012,
And as darkness settles down,
Swedes around me celebrate,
Through all of Stockholm town,
But me I sit reservedly,
As that’s where I come from,
Awaiting Christmas ghosts deservedly,
Past, Present, and Yet To Come,
For I like my Christmas Dickens’ style,
With just a slight dark edge,
Putting everything I’ve done on trial,
Having many bets to hedge,
You see Christmas Eve for me,
Is all about anticipation,
More good than bad? We’ll wait to see,
The result of that equation,
Perhaps old-fashioned, I’ll admit,
This weighing up and warning,
Yet for me somehow it makes legit,
The magic of Christmas morning.

One thought on “My Dickensian Christmas

  1. Christmas is all done and dusted here. Nothing to do on Christmas day apart from eat leftovers. I’ve already told Tobbe that we’re celebrating Christmas American style next year. 🙂

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