Rose-Colored History

Our times we like to criticize,
And tend to view with wistful eyes,
Those times, before modernity,
Before the twentieth century.
It was a simpler time for sure,
But so much harder to endure.
Things hadn’t been invented yet.
Like toothpaste and deodorant.
And if a disease didn’t kill you,
The standard medicine was sure to.
With all the flaws of modern life,
The class divide and daily strife,
The truth is that politically,
And racially, gastronomically,
Hygienically, financially,
Technologically, and medically,
With what we have today, my friend,
We’re better off than way back then.

2 thoughts on “Rose-Colored History

    • Thanks, Sharkie! Life without toothpaste and shampoo would take some getting used to. It’s always the things we take the most for granted that we miss the most when we don’t have them.

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