Your shadow cast so long,
Once as far as I could see,
Always so much longer,
Than the man in front of me,
You never understood that;
Not as far as I could tell,
Quite how long your shadow cast,
Or the weight with which it fell,
From boy to man tried to understand,
The presence there within,
Sought discourse with the shadow’s source,
To crawl beneath your skin,
Despite my need to be received,
I was kept outside your door,
Small glimpses sometimes I perceived,
But never reached your core,
So still I try and and search and dig,
To find what you’re made of…
to try and find the real you,
The shadow that I love.

2 thoughts on “SHADOW

  1. Well done, Ken. Pretty much sums up my feelings about my own father. I’ve known him all my life but I don’t think I’ve ever really gotten to know him, if you take my meaning.

    • Thanks, and I get your meaning completely. My dad has gotten closer iin some superficial ways, but truth is I will never know anything about his hopes, dreams, fears, or values. He can’t reveal who he is on that deeper level. Makes me sad.

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