This May Hurt

This may burn
But it’s your turn.
I’d like to know
What really happened
Between the two of you.
And why she
Spent my childhood
Trying to make me
Hate you.
Did you ever
Really love her?
Because I know
That she loved you.
She told me clearly
How you were
The great love
Of her life.
She was your wife.
So how did she
End up hating you?
She told me
How devastating
Taking us and leaving was.
Especially because
She knew you never
Loved her.
How you shoved her
And her love away.
And how she cried.
I’ve heard her side.
Now it’s your turn.
I’d like to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “This May Hurt

  1. Man, I have had that exact conversation, actually a few times, because once never seems to cover it. Tough, but definitely worth having. I really liked the piece by the way. I like the natural flow.

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