Just be, for a bit,
And see where it takes you.
No need to stress,
To feel
That you must
Exert yourself,
Alert yourself,
Be your pert little self,
That the world expects.
The world subjects us
To so much stress,
So much duress,
I must confess
That I often feel
Inclined to run
Into a wall
To fuck it all,
Let go and fall,
To tell the world to
Kiss my ass,
But this too shall pass,
Better to relax
And take the time,
A measured look,
Find your own rhyme,
Your rhythm,
Your own sense of time,
Wait for the dance
To come around,
Till you have found
It feels right,
And then
The wretched strain
You have the strength
To jump again into the race,
To smile and take
Your rightful place,
To show your face,
Amongst the best,
Subject yourself
To life’s pure test,
To strive, and struggle,
Give what’s for,
Untll once more,
It’s time to pause,
And take a rest.
It’s just the dance.

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