We’ve codified, solidified,
Analyzed, patholigized,
In attempts to come to grips
With behaviours and symptoms,
Still for all our diagnoses,
Of neuroses and psychoses,
Medicines that science poses,
Maybe we were better off with demons.

5 thoughts on “DEFINITIONS

    • Oh, I’m not familiar with that. I’ll have to look it up. I can heartily recommend “Doctoring The Mind – Is Our Current Treatment of Mental Illness Really Any Good?” by Richard P. Bentall.
      Glad you liked the piece!

  1. Although I’m not so sure if going back to the days of exorcising demonic possessors is a very good idea. 😉

    • Oh no no, no exorcisms. You have to learn to live with your demons, remember?

      Tickle your demons
      Distract them with laughter
      It keeps them off guard
      They forget what they’re after.

      • Yep, I do remember.

        Concerning writing poetry,
        For me it comes quite naturally,
        But most of what I write,
        Is pure drivel, mediocrity.
        But pointless drivel is okay,
        I write it all down anyway.
        The words, they help to keep,
        My little demons all at bay.

Words, words, glorious words! Give me all of your words!

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