Negative Memories

Stuffed in envelopes
and shoved in boxes.
Buried in a cemetery
of negative memories.
Imprints exhumed
of forgotten flashes
and long lost positives.
From the negatives
emerge resurrected images.
Like headstone rubbings
reminders of something
that once lived
but is now dead.

2 thoughts on “Negative Memories

    • Thanks! I knew that you would get what I was trying to do here. The whole piece is full of double or alternative meanings. Even the title, “Negative Memories” is meant to refer to the memories (i.e.: photos) we get from the negatives.

      I was thinking about the meanings of words, and I figured that since the opposite of negative is positive, then the opposite of film negatives should also be film positives, i.e.: photographs. However, the photos made from the forgotten negatives were lost a long time ago, hence the words, “long lost positives.”

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