let go

let go
let go

just let it go

and let it be

for it is done

And nothing
can be done

to change it

they’ve let me go

decided they don’t
need me

i’ll survive

but I still

cannot believe
i won’t be there

to see you smile

to hear you laugh

to see your faces
light up with joy

to talk to you

to listen to you

to help you

i was your teacher

you were my happiness

and my frustration

but they don’t need me

though I think
you still need me

but I won’t be there
to share your triumphs

you may miss me

but soon i’ll be
no longer
in your memory

you’ll let go
of me

for it is done

just let it be

and let it go

let go
let go

7 thoughts on “let go

    • Yes, unfortunately, it is true. I was recently let go from my job as an English teacher. It’s sad and unfair and unexpected, but so what? People lose their jobs everyday all over the world. What still gets to me is having to abandon my students. The school doesn’t need me anymore, but the students do.

      • I’d like to say all kinds of optimistic constuctive stuff about doors opening and closing, blah blah blah, but it just sucks. Seems like it’s war on teachers. Barbro’s sister has been a teacher at the same school here in Tyresö for 40 years. They are closing the school and opening another, newly renovated school in Tyresö. Instead of staff moving over to the new school, as they all reasonably expected, they were all told they were surplus and would have to reapply, including Anja. So after 40 years, nothing,, nada, zilch. Thankfully parents and students are in an uproar, and have told the politicians and the school principal what they think, and apparently the new school is having trouble finding staff. Go figure.

        • I keep hearing this story over and over. You would think that all those years of service, of putting up with the demands of students, parents, and administrators would amount to something. Would mean something. But they don’t. When it comes down to it, you’re just another redundant employee.

          But the new school having difficulty finding staff is just the beginning of a serious teacher shortage in Sweden. They’re giving us until 2015 to get licensed, and of course most teachers will wait until the last minute. And they will send all the experienced teachers back to school and the fresh out of school rookies will take over. Of course the schools don’t really want to hire rookies, and I know why. I’ve seem them come and go. I’ve seen them get eaten alive by students. Some of them learn how to handle it and become exceptional teachers, but most of them end up leaving in tears.

          Not just anyone can be teacher, you know.

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